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Synergy Smart Power Meter Email EM1000 display register explanation

How do I tell how much power I’ve exported to the grid with my smart power meter Email EM1000?

For those customers with a Email EM1000 single phase smart power meter (used by Synergy in Western Australia, and other utility companies elsewhere in Australia), here are the break-downs of what each register or display are on your power meter, assuming Import / Export power, such as a grid-connected solar photovoltaic (solar PV) array…

Pressing the RED button (top-right corner of the smart power meter) changes to the next display / register:

Display / Register number:

  1. Total kWh
  2. Total kWh – Peak
  3. Total kWh – Off Peak
  4. Total kWh – Weekday shoulder
  5. Total kWh – Weekend shoulder
  6. Total kWh – EXPORTED
  7. Total kWh – EXPORTED – Peak
  8. Total kWh – EXPORTED – Off Peak
  9. Total kWh – EXPORTED – Weekday shoulder
  10. Total kWh – EXPORTED – Weekend shoulder
  11. Voltage (e.g. 240v)
  12. Current (Amps) e.g. 2.5A
  13. Power Factor (e.g. -0.85)
  14. Display Test
  15. Time
  16. Date

The display / register list then repeats again.

Note: The “Exported” values will appear with a minus or ‘negative’ (-) symbol next to them, to indicate that you have exported power back to the grid :-).

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