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Heatwave and wild weather – monitoring server and comms rooms equipment for fluctuating temperatures and humidity

With a heatwave engulfing many parts of our world (and wild weather in other parts), fluctuating temperatures and humidity are the last thing that you want going on in your server or communications room.

Electrical equipment (whether it be servers, switches or any other high-tech gear), likes to be kept in rooms at standard… Continue reading...

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Buy now, Online store URL updated

Please find our Thermometer online store URL below (updated):


Once you enter a product into your shopping cart, you can proceed through to the Secure payment section. Express shipping to customers WITHIN Australia starts from AU$15 (we are located in Perth, Western Australia)… Continue reading...

TH2E Temperature Humidity sensing Ethernet units – now available!

TH2E Ethernet Temperature Humidity sensor

The Temperature and Humidity (+ Dew-point) TH2E Ethernet thermometer models are now in stock, and ready for next-day dispatch. Perfect for monitoring server room environments, cool stores, factories, warehouses… Continue reading...

How much do your Ethernet Thermometers cost? What does shipping or postage cost? – Pricing update – January 2014

Our temperature thermometer products come in a range of models, to suit different customer needs. Buy from our online store at any time. All items shipped from our Perth, Western Australia office, to Australia, and around the world. Express shipping to customers within Australia starts at… Continue reading...

Latest Downloads

Select one of the latest manual or software downloads from the list below:

Introducing the Thermospider Data Logging and Graphing application. Graph your TME Ethernet Thermometer over time, and export your thermometer data to a text file automatically:

Replacement 240v AU power supply units in our online store

240v AU power supplyNeed a replacement 240v AU / 5v – 1.2A power supply for products such as the TME or TH2E? They’re available for individual purchase from our online store now.

US, EU, UK… Continue reading...


These are our current products (including product photographs). All products are available direct through our online store here.

Our TME Ethernet Thermometer is our flag-ship + most popular/versatile product. New …

Read more…

How do I setup a TME or TH2E with the supplied PoE-Adapter?

Diagram of how a PoE network can be set up, with a product such as a TME with PoE Adapter:

To setup the TME Ethernet Thermometer, or TH2E Intelligent Sensor with a supplied Power over Ethernet (PoE) adapter, follow these steps, depending… Continue reading...

3.5mm Airplane headphone mini-plug adapter, to allow use of inflight audio entertainment with your own headphones

In stock now, these 3.5mm airplane mini plug adapters, allow you to use your standard 3.5mm headphones with the in-flight audio systems of most major airlines. This gold-plated adapter plugs directly into the 2-prong airline jack found on most modern aircraft, and has a 3.5mm jack to accept your 3.5mm… Continue reading...

Updated product line-up, including Thermometer over PoE product, plus RS232 to Ethernet converter, RS485 to Ethernet conveter products.

Our product line-up has been updated extensively. All of the following products are available now, from our Online Store (Equals Greater Than)

Latest additions to the product range:

  • TME-PoE => All in one Power-over-Ethernet solution for temperature monitoring
  • TME-P-DIN-RAIL => Ethernet-based Thermometer (TME), with

TH2E – Temperature & Humidity units – SNMP / ModBus options vs Event Logging memory

On the TH2E (temperature & humidity sensing units, over Ethernet) customers have a choice of two different factory options:

  • Temperature / Humidity / Alerts / Event memory + logging


  • Temperature / Humidity / Alerts / SNMP / ModBus

In general, most customers want the TH2E units with ‘event… Continue reading...

Moshi Moshi Retro Pop – compatible 3.5mm TRRS audio adapters in stock! Use iPhone, Moshi Moshi headphones. Also Samsung, Xperia phones…

3.5mm TRRS adapter

Please note: this adapter will not enable the microphone or volume buttons of a 3-button Apple iPhone compatible headset / headphones to work with non-Apple devices. (No device on the market is capable of doing this, as the headphone… Continue reading...

Received a mobile phone headset or earphones for Christmas, but they don’t seem to work with your phone?

Did you receive a mobile phone headset or earphones for Christmas, but you’ve found that they don’t seem to work with your mobile phone handset? Then check out our TRRS head-phone adapters.

Customer Feedback

How did we do? Have you got some feedback for us? We would love to hear from you.

Here is some of our recent feedback:

Pierre (Desktop Support Consultant, Sydney, Australia):

Thank you for all your support and help with this product (Temperature Thermometer). Your customer service is outstanding!… Continue reading...

Data Logging Software – Special Discount offer for new release “ThermoSpider”

To celebrate the release of our latest version (v1.4) of our Data Logging software (called “ThermoSpider”) to suit our Ethernet Temperature Thermometers, we’re offering a AU$10 discount on the ThermoSpider Data Logging software right now.

Improvements in this release:

  • Data graphing features now including continuous temperature history graph web export (e.g. so
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